Our Exceptional Services

All of our general services are included at a low hourly rate.

General Services

  • Vacuum, Sweep & Mop
  • General organization and straightening
  • Dusting – high dusting, fans, frames and blinds
  • Cleaning of shelves, counters and table tops
  • Windows, window sills and mirrors
  • Empty trash cans and replace liners
  • Bathrooms – sinks, tubs, showers/shower walls, mirrors and toilets
  • Doors, door handles and door frames
  • Laundry – wash, dry and fold
  • Curb Service for Trash and Recycling Containers – when possible we schedule our services on your streets recycling and waste pick up days and place containers curbside for your convenience.

Add-On Services

(Add-On services are in addition to hourly rates.)

Hand Wash Dish Service – Pre-rinse, wash, dry and store – $15

Refrigerator or Pantry Service – All expired items removed, empty dishes removed and all interior surfaces cleaned and sanitized. – $15 (Items to be saved must be clearly marked)

Large/High Chandelier Service – Dusting and cleaning of crystal, glass, fabric or plastic surfaces, bulbs and bulb replacement – $15 (Bulbs Must Be Provided)

Interior Auto Care Service – Removal of trash, organize Items and store, vacuum seats and interior of vehicle, Armor-All dashboard and leather surfaces – $15

Mattress Rotation Service – Flip and rotate mattress with fresh scent application – $20

Bedding Replacement Service – Removal and replacement of current bedding. Used bedding is washed, folded and stored – $15

Litter Box Service – $15 (Pet Products Must Be Provided)

BBQ Grill Service – $15

Minor Assembly Service – Assembly of small furniture, fixtures, and toys – $25 (We do not mount or hang ANYTHING from walls or ceilings)

Pressure Wash Service – Pressure wash exterior of home, vehicle, or watercraft – $20

Home Gutter Service – (Price by Estimate Only)

Party Clean Up Service – Recycling  and waste containers dropped off and picked up, party area cleaned, dishes and supplies washed. (Price by Estimate Only)

Packing and Organizing Service (Price by Estimate Only)

Scan and Shred Service (Price by Estimate Only)

Trash/Hauling (Price by Estimate Only)

*Our Low Hourly Rates

Senior Assistance Cleaning / Light Duty Cleaning – $25.00 per hour / 3-hour minimum

One Time / Hourly Cleaning – $35.00 per hour / 3-hour minimum

Weekly Cleanings – $35.00 per hour / 2-hour minimum – (Contract Service)

Cleanings on Alternating Days (4 days a week) – $27.50 per hour / 2-hour minimum – (Contract Service)

Daily Cleanings (6 days a week) – $25.00 per hour / 2-hour minimum – (Contract Service)

*A minimum $12.00 materials fee will be applied to all bills. Estimates are not a guarantee of services and all estimates are subject to change. Specialty services need to be requested at the time of the estimate or 72 hours in advance of service. Specialty services requiring customized estimates will be evaluated individually and the customer will be provided with a written estimate and list of prices before the time of service or any agreement All Haws team members are billed at the rates listed above. Additional team members needed on site will be billed at a rate of $22.50 per hour per team member.